1. All students are required to bring their texts and exercise books for their respective subjects every working day, unless otherwise specified.
2. Every student is required to complete assignments set on class as well as any homework that is set for the day.
3. A student failing twice in the class will be issued a Transfer Certificate.
4. The cumulative performance in class during the complete academic session along with the performance in all the terminal examinations is considered for promotion. However a student failing to appear in the Annual examination will not be promoted. Students absenting from examination for any reason whatsoever will not be promoted. Students absenting from examination for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined.
5. Physical education and games are compulsory for all pupils unless medically advised against, duly supported by a certificate to that effect by a qualified Doctor.


1. Students must be punctual in adhering to the school timings.
2. Students who come late will be allowed to attend school only with the permission from the Head of the School.
3. Leaving the school premises during school hours is not allowed without prior permission from the Head of the School.
4. If for any sufficient reason, a student has to leave the school before the closing time, he/she should bring a letter from the Parent/Guardian, which needs to be approved by the class teacher / Head of the school. Girl students will be allowed to go only with approved escorts.
5. Application for leave should be sent well in advance to the Head of the school. However absence due to sickness or other unavoidable reasons should be notified to the school authorities as soon as the student joins classes.
6. Frequent absenteeism without valid reason will not be permitted and strict disciplinary action would be taken in such cases. Absenting for more than 10 consecutive working days may result in the removal of the name of the pupil from the rolls. Re-admission may be granted with the re-admission fee along with arrears if any, at the discretion of the Head of the school.
7. A minimum of 85% attendance is a pre-requisite for promotion.
8. Going on leave before the beginning of a long vacation or re-joining later than that scheduled date of reopening of school is not permitted. Attendance on the closing and re-opening day of any long vacation is compulsory.
9. Students afflicted by infectious diseases must complete the Quarantine period before re-joining school.


1. Politeness, courtesy of speech and good conduct is expected of every pupil.
2. Cleanliness of uniform and high standards of personal hygiene should be observed by all students.
3. Habitual laziness, disobedience, loitering, dishonesty in examination or any other conduct that damage the reputation of the school as well as objectionable behavior both in and outside school premises will be sufficient reason for the dismissal of the student.
4. A student whose conduct in the opinion of the Head of the School is not keeping with the norms of the school or whose parents show little interest in their ward’s progress, will be sufficient cause for the issuance of a transfer certificate.
5. No student is allowed to carry any objectionable literature and gadgets such as cell phones, cameras, i-pods, pen-drives, mp3 players, etc to the school. Any such literature or gadgets found in possession of the student would be confiscated by the school authorities
6. The school authorities issue warning cards under the following circumstances:
* Irregular attendance /Unjustified or unexplained absence.
* Absence from examination.
* Poor academic performance.
* Misconduct /Disobedience.
* Loitering in school uniform outside school premises after school hours.
* Coming to school in improper uniform.
* Any other reason, which in the opinion of the Head of the Department, results in a loss of reputation of the school or is of a grave nature. Issuance of the Third Warning Card may tantamount to expulsion of the pupil from the school.
7. If a student does not conform to the rules provided herein, the parent or guardian of that students will be asked to withdraw his/her ward from the school or the school authorities may at their own discretion, issue a transfer certificate to the student.


1. No money should be collected by any student for any cause without prior sanction from the Head of the School.
2. School Authorities are not responsible for the loss of any personal belonging and hence students are cautioned not to bring valuable articles to school.